Quest for Excellence

About Us

SBPHC's Goal Include:

To saturate the educational institutions, both private and public schools in all levels, preschool, elementary, and high school with corresponding quality textbooks along with Teacher’s Manual, Laboratory Manuals, journals, and other learning/instructional materials.

To provide every student a quality learning material at a very minimal cost.


St. Bernadette Publications, Inc. (SBPI), with an initial capital of PhP 200,000.00, started its operation in 1988. SBPI published and sold a few students’ journals concentrated on Social Studies, Values Education, and Filipino subjects. After two and a half years of business operation, the owner, Mrs. Concepcion S. Malañgen saw the need to expand and explore horizons and the necessity to induce more funds. And inspired to do better and serve more, she shared her vision of transformation with her husband, Mr. Restituto B. Malañgen, who was then a successful marketing executive of the Current Events Digest, Inc. After seeing the feasibility of Mrs. Malañgen’s mission, Mr. Malañgen founded the then known as ST. BERNADETTE PUBLICATIONS, INC. with the help of some family members and friends. And so on June 17, 1991, the new company, with a resolve to increase its line of products by adding more subjects to its roster of journals like Physical Education, Health and Music; Mathematics; and English, was duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). After a year of business operation, the corporation boosted its finances and thereby challenged to publish its first series of textbook, which was Pagpapahalaga I-IV, and the result of which was overwhelming because the first five thousand (5,000) copies sold like hotcakes. Subsequently, the company published the English editions of Values Education I-IV and Social Studies I-IV and the Tagalog version of Physical Education textbooks. The rest is history. For more than two decades in the business today, the company has grown by leaps and bounds and has continued to produce annually about 150 book titles or about 900,000 copies of students’ textbooks; 1,500,000 copies of students’ journals; 10,000 copies of teachers’ manuals; and about 70,000 copies of students’ theme writing book, all written by about eighty (80) authors from different prestigious colleges and universities in the country. SBPI, in its commitment to fulfill its mission of “Quest for Excellence in Educating Young Minds,” has engineered its way in publishing top quality reading materials to equip the Filipino youth with knowledge which in turn can serve a greater purpose in their lives. All these products were marketed and distributed from Aparri to Jolo, serving about 1,200 private and public schools nationwide, which were marketed by more than sixty (60) sales representatives of the company. And in the pursuit of excellence, the Board of Directors; the noteworthy authors; and the fifty-five (55) Filipino editors, illustrators, typesetters-layout artists, warehouse and deliverymen and all the office staff are confident that what the youth can conceive and believe, they will achieve. On January 3, 2007, under the management of Mrs. Malañgen, St. Bernadette Publications, Inc. was duly registered as a corporation at the Securities and Exchange Commission and since then has assumed its new name ST. BERNADETTE PUBLISHING HOUSE CORPORATION.